Where is the Best Pie in New Zealand?

Where can we find the best pie in New Zealand?

It’s one of the most important questions we’ve asked ourselves since first experiencing a New Zealand pie.

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Pie is a Big Deal in New Zealand

We didn’t realise it at first, but this statement is true! Pies are a pretty big deal in New Zealand.

We tried our first pies about a month into our trip, and they were VERY good. From that point on we were on pie watch. If there was a convenient pie shop, we’d go. If there was one with a good reputation, we might even go out of our way to visit!

Obviously, we won’t get to every pie shop in New Zealand, and there might be some gems out there. If you know of a great pie shop we haven’t listed, let us know in the comments and we’ll get it added (and possibly go and visit it!).

Pie Ranking Table

Pie Ratings ScoreComments
Gold Star Bakery – Patricks Rotorua54Top-rated pies for both Cheryl and Scott
Miles Better Pies*54We were both VERY impressed each time we visited (twice)
The Bakehouse Opotiki49.5Not the best pie either of us have had, but we BOTH enjoyed them, which is crucial for the cumulative total
Angkor Wat (Napier)49.5Surprise entry! We didn’t have particularly high hopes, but were pleasantly surprised!
Paetiki Bakery49Visited twice, and both especially loved the Lamb pie
Blue Belle Cafe48.5Very good pies. High price and small size held them back
Waitomo Homestead*48Our first New Zealand Pie. Good memories
The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop47.5Flaky top and lack of meat kept these from being great pies
Renwick Pies47.5Great value, good size, good taste
Fast & Fresh Bakery47Lots of good tasting, good value, award winning pies
Guidough Rotorua45One of Scott’s best rated pies, but Cheryl got a dud
Rosebowl Bakery & Cafe45Good pies, good selection, nothing spectacular
Nada Bakery43.5Good pies, but lack of choice let a bad taste in one of our mouths
Fergbaker*42Scott enjoyed, Cheryl not so much
Picton Village Bakery39OK pies, pretty good value, very good cakes
Le Cafe Telephonique29Very expensive boutique pies, not worth even half the price
Not at all OFFICIAL New Zealand Pie Rankings

* Pre pie ranking estimate

Rating Our Pies

Oh yeah, we’re going all in.

Pies will be rated according to 6 categories.

  • Pastry
    • Too wet or too dry gets marked down. No-one likes a soggy bottom.
  • Filling quality
    • If you get a steak pie and you can’t find the steak; it’s not a good sign.
  • Flavour
    • It’s got to taste good – obviously!
  • Juiciness
    • Nothing bone dry or wet as an otters pocket, please.
  • Value for money
  • Overall satisfaction

Each category will be rated out of 5, giving a total score out of 30. Our individual scores will be combined to give a final score out of 60.

Best Pie in New Zealand Contenders

In no particular order. Pretty much the order we had them…

All pies without ratings were visited before pie ratings were a thing. A wrong that will be righted.

Waitomo Homestead – Waitomo

$3 pies!

The reason we were taken in by New Zealand pies.

Normally anything more than a sandwich and some crisps was too extravagant for Scott’s militant budget, but who can say no to a $3 pie?

They weren’t huge (not entirely surprising), so we got two each. In for a penny, in for a pound!

They were great pies.

It’s too long ago to remember exactly what we had, but they were good. Good pastry, meaty, and juicy. Both of Scott’s were gone before we set off on our walk that day.

We were addicted now.

We will also be back here to give a proper review, so stay tuned!

Miles Better Pies – Te Anau

We don’t know who they’re claiming to be miles better than, but they’re probably right.

We spent a week in Te Anau where we also visited Milford Sound and came here twice.

Prices varied depending on the pie but were around $7.50 each.

Totally worth it.

They were a good size, but the quality of the meat was excellent – good size chunks of very well cooked tender meats that fell apart in your mouth.

If we’re ever in town again, we’ll definitely be visiting.

Lamb and mint was Scott’s winner. Not super minty, but the lamb was pretty epic.

Cheryl had the steak and cheese – it was hands down THE BEST steak and cheese pie so far!

Fergbaker – Queenstown

We’d had a Fergburger the day before (if you haven’t tried these famous burgers – where have you been!?). We still wanted some Fergy goodness but had a hankering for some pie.

Thankfully, New Zealand’s favourite burger joint has a bakery right next door!

Fergbaker pie

Better than your average pie, but doesn’t stand out in the memory.

This was pre PR (pie rating), so we don’t have a lot of specific feedback. Scott remembers it being pretty good but Cheryl wasn’t so sure – she felt that half of her pie’s pastry top ended up feeding the birds because it was super flaky!

We’ll be back to give it a proper review!

The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

There was a lot of hype around this visit.

It was recommended by some InstaFriends (Meisha & Vincent – @gander_overlander amounts others) and is one of the only pie shops lists on WikiCamps, a New Zealand Tourist app.

We were in the area and planned a day trip mostly so we could drive right past at lunchtime!

As it was quite a late lunch, and the pies didn’t look huge, we got two each, so we’ll do two sets of ratings.

Check out our full review of the Sheffield Pie Shop here.

Pies still to try!

Thanks to YOUR recommendations, we have many pie shops we need to pay a visit to!

We have MANY more pie shops to visit as we make our way around New Zealand – thanks to everyone who’s already logged recommendations with us.

Do you know of a great pie shop that we haven’t visited yet? Leave us a comment below, and we will be sure to check it out!

Happy pie eating 🙂

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