Things to do in New Zealand

There are a LOT of things to do in New Zealand, and we wont even being to try to list them all in a single article!

We’ll breakdown all of the things you can do here by Island, and further by region, with our top picks highlighted at each level.

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Our top things to do in ALL of New Zealand

Van Life

Maybe not everyone’s first choice when travelling, but having your own mobile accommodation can vastly change how you experience New Zealand.

Public transport infrastructure doesn’t really exist, and there are some amazing places that need a car a the very least. With a van, you can simultaneously save money on accommodation when you get where you’re going.,

Milford Sound

THE must see, iconic place to visit in all of New Zealand (at least according to Top Trumps!)

With plenty to explore on the Milford Road before reaching the Sound itself, you can easily dedicate at least 2 days to exploring Milford Sound and the surrounding area.

Mount Cook

The highest point in the country, and possibly the most epic views too (depending in the weather).

With mountains, hiking, short walks, lakes, and glaciers, there is something for everyone here.

Things to do in Mount Cook

Cape Reinga

The highest point of New Zealand.

Iconic photo opportunities, unique sights, pleasant walks, and demanding hikes are all available


New Zealand is home to a number of specific regions specialising in different types of wine.

From Marlborough’s Sauvignon Blanc to Martinborough’s Pinot Noir, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.

Geothermal in Rotorua

Few places in the world can boast such a wide array of geothermal activity, especially in a relatively populated region.

If you can handle the smell, it’s a great place to visit!

National parks

With 13 national parks, predominantly in the South Island, there’s no excuse not to get in touch with your wild side.


A beautiful peninsula in the warmer north of New Zealand.

Picturesque scenery, remote, peaceful walks, and unique experiences are waiting for you

Mount Taranaki

The perfect volcano?

An almost perfectly circular cinder cone and contrasting colours make this a truly unmissable sight.

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