Solar Power Bank – Portable Charger

Possibly one of the first travel considerations these days… “What if my phone dies?!”
To avoid this, we decided to go for the highest capacity compact solar power bank we could find.

An additional benefit was being solar powered. If we were ever ‘off-grid’ for a few days, we might be able to get some additional juice from the sun!

We found this power bank on Amazon. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

We paid £20.99 for our power bank and it’s been invaluable to use throughout our trip.


With a HUGE 25000mAh capacity, one full charge will charge your phone full 3-4 times.

Solar Powered

No power, no problem!

When you can’t plug in, just leave this solar power pack in the sun (for a few hours, it’s not super quick…) and you have some power to keep you going. This function is also great for an emergency.

Dual input

Micro-USB and USB-C inputs give you flexibility to use whichever cable you have available.

We have devices that used both types of cable, so we can charge the power bank with whichever isn’t needed elsewhere.

3 Outputs

This solar power bank allows you to charge three devices at once!


May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Solar power bank
Solar power bank
Solar power bank

Since we bought our solar power bank, we’ve noticed that there are now options for wirelessly charged power banks too. Check them out here.

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