Renwick Pies

Renwick pies

Whilst enjoying a little walk in Waikawa (near Picton), we picked up an impromptu pie from a coffee stand selling ‘Renwick Pies’. Now, we’d been through Renwick recently, knew we’d be heading back past there again, so decided to try to find where these Renwick Pies were made.

We found the Renwick Meat Market. It’s a butcher and a bakery combined, though with different entrances to the same building.

When we arrived near lunch time it was pretty popular with the local tradies, which seemed like a good sign.

Renwick Pies – Steak & Cheese / Steak & Mushroom

LEFT: Steak & Mushroom / RIGHT: Steak & Cheese

PieSteak & CheeseSteak & Mushroom
See where they rank

Scott’s – Steak & Cheese

The go to pie when nothing exciting jumps out. Perhaps a sign that there’s not a lot of variety/creativity in the pie kitchen? But it also makes a good level playing field.

As with many pies, there was a slight hiccup at the first hurdle. The pastry was a little on the dry side.
Thankfully, and to my pleasant surprise, things only got better from there.

Rewinding slightly, one of the best things about this pie was the price. $5 for a pretty decent size pie. If it were a crap pie, it might still get an average value rating, but this was actually a pretty damn good pie, so it’s the first 5 for value I’ve given.

Steak & Cheese filling

The meat inside was good, and there was plenty of it and, unlike our Picton Pie experience up the road, there was a lot of flavour here too. Juiciness was good, but could have been a little more, maybe it was a little thick.

Overall, a pretty good pie.

Cheryl’s – Steak & Mushroom

This is the first pie I’ve had recently that has had mushrooms in. As Scott is not a fan of funghi, I try to have mushroom in my meals whenever I can!

As Scott said, the pastry was definitely on the dry side, almost as if the pies had just been sat for a bit too long. Perhaps we were too late for the best pie-eating hour?

However, delving deeper, the filling. Oh lord! Delicious! The mushrooms in this pie were super tasty and the meat was also very well cooked and plentiful. My only complaint on the filling side of things was the flavour, there was a slightly overpowering peppery flavour – almost as if it were meant to be a pepper steak pie. It almost took away from the delicious mushroom flavours and I had to mark it down because of this.

Steak & Mushroom filling

Overall though, a lovely pie with a great filling at a decent price! Not my all-time favourite mind, but a pie shop I would definitely go a little out of my way to visit again.

Renwick Pies – Conclusion

Great value pies that taste very good!

The locals seem to like it, and we do too! Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

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