Rechargeable Head Torch

Head torches are an ESSENTIAL travel accessory! We found this great rechargeable head torch on Amazon after looking at lots of options.

We decided before we left that we didn’t want to be reliant on batteries, so rechargeable was a must.

Rechargeable by Micro-USB

Not only is it rechargeable, but it uses a common cable (Micro-USB) that you may already be travelling with anyway.

3 x White Light Settings

Low, Medium, and High (Battery saving, medium, and ‘blind anyone you look at’)

2 x Red Light Settings

Red light is great for not impacting night vision as much as white light and (we think) better for not attracting bugs! Red lights are also great for stargazing if you need to still see your surroundings but not ruin your vision for seeing the stars.

Solid/flashing settings.

Fully Adjustable & Lightweight

Adjustable head strap AND the light can be vertically rotated by 45 degrees up and down. The torch is also super lightweight so you can wear it for a long time and not notice it.


IPX4 waterproof, so I can go where you go! Great for exploring caves like we did in New Zealand.

Rechargeable Head Torch Amazon
Rechargeable Head Torch Amazon
Waterproof Head Torch

We bought two of these head torches for our trip, and we’ve used them for nearly a year now. They are brilliant and don’t take very long to charge either. We’ve found them useful for many reasons, such as exploring caves, going to the loo during the night when camping (cringe), and finding your way around a dorm room without having to put the ‘big light’ on.

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