Picton Village Bakery

We visited Picton Village Bakery whilst spending a few days enjoying Picton before we headed to the North Island.

After a few days of sandwiches, we decided a lunchtime pie was called for.

Despite not being on our list of Pie’s to try, we took the opportunity to give them a review and keep our tastebuds sharp. And who knows, we might uncover a hidden gem!

Guinness Steak vs Steak & Mushroom

Both pies came recommended when we asked, so it seemed rude not to try them.

Cheryl loves mushrooms, Scott hates them, so our decision was made easy!

Picton Village Bakery Pies
Steak and Mushroom / Guinness Steak
PieGuinness SteakSteak & Mushroom
See how this ranks

Scott’s – Guinness Steak Pie

This was a pie to be excited about. Scott was very much looking forward to the Guinness flavour.

It was pretty clear from the beginning, however, that this wasn’t going to be a ‘Best Pie in New Zealand’ contender. The pastry was a little overdone on top for our liking, and it’d be hard to pull back a top score with this first setback.

The filling was pretty good. Decent chunks of steak, some veg in there to mix up the texture and colour, and good gravy. Unfortunately, size isn’t everything. Though there was a good amount of meat, they were a little fatty.

The real letdown was the flavour though. If this were just a steak pie, it still would’ve been a little bland. Being a Guinness steak pie, we really expected this flavour to come through, but it didn’t hit home at all.

At $5, the pie’s are pretty good value for what you get. if the pie’s themselves were a little better these would easily get a 5 for value.

Cheryl’s – Steak & Mushroom

The Steak & Mushroom also stumbled at the first hurdle, seemingly being a little overcooked and perhaps left standing a little too long.

The filling and flavour were both good, but thing to write home about.


Pie was not the only thing on the menu today!

We’d done a 10k hike this morning so treated ourselves to a little something sweet afterwards too!

Scott had a Tan Slice and Cheryl a Custard Square.

Unlike the pies, the cakes were definitely winners!


Despite an underwhelming pie experience, we were very happy with our cakes, and would definitely come back for both if we were in the area!

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