The largest country in South America and, accordingly, where we spent the most time.

Many countries in South America boast an array of sights, experiences, and climates but few lay claim to as many highlights as are available in Argentina

Our Story

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We started our Argentinian adventure in Puerto Iguazu, arriving from Brazil to experience Iguazu Falls from both sides of the border
This was our base for visiting the falls but, whilst here, we also paid a visit to the point at which you can see both Brazil and Paraguay (Tres Fronteras). We also took the ferry to Paraguay to see the same from their perspective (and tick off another country!)

Our next stop was Posadas.  A 6 hour bus ride away and our access point to the Jesuit Ruins to be found in San Ignacio.
It’s one of the best-preserved missions around and was spectacular to see, and very easy to understand how it would’ve looked all those years ago.
From here, we had an 18.5 hour three bus transfer into Uruguay where we spent a week before catching a boat to Buenos Aires.

For the first time on our trip, we chose to stay in an Airbnb.  Though we’d miss out on our usually included breakfast, it gave us a chance to slow down and also to be able to cook our own meals. As well as being good for the budget, this was a very refreshing change after a month on the road.
Despite being here for 4 days, there was so much more we would have loved the opportunity to enjoy.  This is definitely one place that we would visit again.

One of only two activities booked before we left for our travels, our next stop was El Calafate to see the Perito Moreno glacier. This is one of many ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences that we’ve had on this trip and would highly recommend it!

Whilst in Patagonia we also took the opportunity to visit El Chalten, the trekking capital of Argentina.

Though we’d planned to take the bus we had to fly to Bariloche, as the roads were closed for winter, to see the Argentinian lake district.

Another flight took us into Mendoza where we spent more than a week before taking an epic bus journey to Santiago (Chile)