Things to do in the North Island

New Zealand‘s North Island is home to the Wellington and Auckland, capital and most populated cities, respectively. It’s also home to more than 75% of New Zealand’s population, with Auckland alone being home to 30% of all Kiwi’s.

Each region of the North Island, with its distinct characteristics, has something to offer.


Mangonui, Northland, North Island

Known as ‘the winterless North’ because of it’s favourable climate.

Sandy beaches, the scenic Bay of Islands, and rich Maori roots offer plenty to explore.

Our top things to do in Northland



New Zealand’s most populated city, and the commercial hub of the country.

Urban living with easy access to the countryside.

Trendy cafes and award winning restaurants compliment the sophisticated lifestyle in the city.


Coromandel, Waikato, North Island

Rich in agriculture, with plenty of area’s to relax and enjoy the environment.

Bay of Plenty

Lake Tarawera, Bay of Plenty, North Island

Beautiful beaches and plenty of sun mean outdoor activities can be enjoyed year round


Hicks Bay, Gisbourne, North Island

The first city in the world to see the sunrise and a strong Maori culture.

Beautiful, remote coastlines and rugged mountainous areas to explore.

Hawkes Bay

Te Mata Peak, Napier, North Island

Consistently warm weather during the summer, and lots of wine production to sample.


Mount Ruapehu, Tongariro National Part, Manawatu, North Island

Named for it’s two main rivers, which create rich farmland.

Palmerston North is a key university city, with around 40% of residents working at or attending the university.


Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki dominates the skyline with its almost perfect volcanic cone.


Porirua, Wellington

New Zealand’s capital city, with it’s steep terrain offering many picturesque landscapes.

Voted the No.1 city to live in by a 2017 study.

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