Gymshark Define Seamless T-Shirt for Men – Review

Back in the UK, I’d tried a few tops to run in, and NOTHING has been quite as comfortable as this Gymshark Define Seamless T-Shirt.

When out running during our round the world trip, I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to care for.

No seams in annoying places, and tight enough around the chest to not rub your (my) nipples. Now, believe me, this last point is a big deal!

You can check out this shirt on the Gymshark website, they do good stuff, and I’d be happy to shop there again!

Gymshark Define Seamless T-shirt review

Scott out running in his favourite Gymshark Define Seamless T-Shirt.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with Gymshark in any way – we just want to give honest reviews about the genuine products that we use on our travels!

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