Getting to New Zealand

We’ve finally arrived in New Zealand!

Almost 5 months into our year long trip around the world and, as much as we’ve enjoyed South America and our Hawaiian break, we now arrived at, possibly, our most anticipated destination.

In a few days time we’ll be picking up our rented Jucy campervan but, until then, we’ve got a little time to explore Auckland.

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Jucy Snooze

On arrival, we headed to the Jucy Snooze hostel in Auckland.

We were going to be renting a camper van with Jucy, it was close to the rental office, and it was a very good price for central Auckland.


With our few days in the city before heading off into the wild, we wanted to see some of the sights.

Normally our first thing to do in a new place is a free walking tour, but we opted for a bus tour here.

Bus Tour

We went for a combo deal that gave us two bus tours and also access to the Sky Tower

The bus tours were OK… It was nice to see different parts of the city, and the hop-on hop-off part was helpful at times, but we weren’t really blown away by the tour itself.

Auckland Zoo

One of the stops on the bus tour was at Auckland Zoo, so we took advantage of a hop-off to pop in.

There were some upgrades going on, but it was so nice to see some of the animals up close.

We didn’t really have long enough because of the bus timetable and other plans we had, but we really enjoyed it here and will definitely be going back!

Sky Tower

You cant really visit Auckland and not visit the Sky Tower for the views of the city.

Auckland Harbour from the Sky Tower
Auckland Harbour from the Sky Tower

You can pay a small fee when you go in to allow you to visit twice in a day, which will let you take in the sights during the day, and also at night.

Our daytime visit gave us some great ideas for places we might like to explore more by ourselves!

Walking/Scooter touring

Being the antisocials that we are, we like to explore a little bit on our own.

We seen some scooters around, and where we wanted to get to from our Sky Tower views.

Auckland Domain and Mount Eden from the Sky Tower
Auckland Domain and Mount Eden from the Sky Tower

First, we headed over to Mount Eden, dropped our scooters off and set about walking up the hill. It’s a nice little walk, and you can get great 360 views of the city and out to the countryside.

Auckland City, New Zealand, from Mount Eden
Auckland from Mount Eden

Back down to the scooters and we headed over to Auckland Domain (the city’s main park). We left the scooters and headed off on foot to take in the park and make our way back to the hostel.

Van Life

All that’s left for us to do now is head over to Jucy, pick up our van, and see the rest of New Zealand

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