The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

Famous Sheffield Pie
The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

There was a lot of hype around this famous Sheffield Pie Shop.

It was recommended by some InstaFriends (Meisha & Vincent – @gander_overlander) and is one of the only pie shops listed on WikiCamps, a New Zealand Tourist app.

We were in the area and planned a day trip mostly so we could drive right past at lunchtime!

As it was quite a late lunch, and the pies didn’t look huge, we got two each, so we’ll do two sets of ratings.

See the current rankings here.

Round 1 – Pie Choices – Sheffield Supreme / Pork & Apple

The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop - Pork & Apple and Sheffield Supreme
Left: Pork & Apple, Right: Sheffield Supreme
Sheffield SupremePork & Apple

Scott started with a Sheffield Supreme. It seemed to be named as a signature dish of sorts, so it had to be good.

However, apparently not. It was pretty underwhelming.

On top, the pastry was a bit too well done and, with a lid that was considerably wider than the pie itself, the first couple of bites were just pastry. This also made the top pretty hard to bite through and, even when halfway through, biting into the pie (which should be an enjoyable experience) was made tricky by the top staying intact thereby forcing the filling out of the sides!

The filling of the Sheffield Supreme is steak, bacon, cheese, and onion. There were some pretty decent chunks of bacon in there, and plenty of onion, but the steak was less noticeable. Those that were found were cooked pretty well, but not out of this world.

The mix of flavours also got a little lost and was nothing to write home about.

On a positive note, the juiciness is totally on point. good thick gravy, nice and moist but not spilling everywhere.

Overall it was ok, but not the best pie experience.

Cheryl went for the Pork & Apple

Do you want some pork with your apple?

The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop - Pork & Apple

Another ok pie. The main problems here being that it was a little too hot to handle immediately after serving (due to the extremely hot apple sauce) and unfavourable pork to apple ratio, however, the pastry and flavour were top notch!

We gave 4/5 for value across the board. Pies here are around $6 / $6.50 and you get a good-sized round pie.

Round 2 – Pie Choices – Pepper Steak / Country Chicken

The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop - Pepper Steak & Country Chicken
Top: Pepper Steak, Bottom: Country Chicken
Pepper SteakCountry Chicken

Our second round started about an hour later. The pies travelled pretty well and were still a good temperature when it came to taste time.

Scott went for Pepper Steak. Despite similar pastry problems (including the top becoming completely separated, and eaten just to get it out of the way), the pie was a winner.

The flavour really hit home. There was no confusion between ingredients, it worked very well.

The steak was good, but it would have been nicer to have seen more meat content in the mix. Even though it was good, it couldn’t be said that the meat was exceptional.

Juiciness was, again, excellent.

Cheryl was recommended the Country Chicken

More pastry problems from the off put paid to any chance of this being a top-rated pie. Perhaps the hour of travel was a factor, but a flaky top and a soggy casing aren’t winning any awards.

A lack of premium fillings struck again, with the sauce (as good as it may be) outweighing the chicken content.


We’d both gladly revisit the Famous Sheffield Pie Shop, but it wasn’t a ‘Best Pie in New Zealand’ winner for us this time.

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