Blue Belle Cafe

Blue Bell Cafe
Blue Bell Cafe in Wellington – pie selection

When we started our pie adventure, we asked for recommendations of where we should go to get the best pie in New Zealand.

The Blue Belle Cafe in Wellington was one of the first we received, and it was somewhere we were expecting to be within a few weeks.

After taking the ferry over to the North Island, we made sure to check this out before we carried on heading north!

Blue Belle Cafe Pies – The Stockman / Vegetable Korma

Blue Belle Cafe
LEFT: Veggie Korma / RIGHT: The Stockman
PieThe StockmanVeggie Korma

Scott’s – The Stockman

I find it hard to resist a ‘signature’ or interesting pie. I’ve been let down before by the Sheffield Supreme and a Guinness Steak, I hoped ‘The Stockman’ would buck the trend.

It contains Steak, Cheese, Pepper, and Hash brown. That sounded like a pretty good combination.

And it was. The flavour was very nice, and it felt like each bite was a little different. Sometimes you get a little peppery hit, sometimes the hash brown comes through, but it all tasted good.

There was plenty of good meat too, and well cooked, but maybe not the cut or cook to earn a 5.

In another welcome change to previous experiences, the pastry was very nice. Light, fluffy, and a little flaky. This was turning in to a ‘Best Pie‘ contender.

We decided to go for a ‘Cut in half’ picture for the insides this time. I was a little worried that the contents may ooze out, but there was no worry about that. On the contrary, the juice was maybe a little thick for my liking.

Blue Belle Cafe - The Stockman
Inside the Stockman – steak, cheese, pepper & hash brown

The biggest downfall for this pie is a combination of the size and the price. It’s a very small pie (maybe the smallest we’ve had yet), and it costs $7.50. If it hadn’t been for how good the pie was, the value rating could have been even lower.

Cheryl’s – Vegetable Korma

Now, I don’t usually order a vegetarian pie; however, after requests via our Instagram page; I vowed to order a vegetarian pie in the next place that sold them. I am pleased to report that the Blue Belle Cafe had two vegetarian offerings; the vegetable korma and the roast vegetable & mushroom pie. I fancied myself a bit of korma!

Now, these pies looked pretty different; they were slightly taller than the usual pies we’ve had, but also slightly smaller in circumference. For the price – I’d have expected more though; perhaps something a little more gourmet!?

Vegetarian pie

Tucking into the pie came after slicing it in half for an ‘inside the pie’ photo:

The slicing went better than expected. Given that the pastry of this pie was so thin, it held its shape pretty well. An abundance of filling was clear to see and I couldn’t wait to try it!

The filling was DELICIOUS! So much tasty well-cooked vegetables and the korma sauce was just right. Not too spicy, not too runny, just right!

Honestly, I am 100% grateful for those followers on Instagram asking us to test and share veggie pies, because had we not been asked, I would never have ordered this. And it was an epic pie.

Other than the hefty price tag, this pie was one that is committed to memory, and I will definitely order it again if we are in town.

Blue Belle Cafe – Pie Conclusion

The one downside for both of us was the price. I can only assume that because they are bought from a cafe in a major city, they are priced more steeply than other pie shops we’ve visited.

Cheryl is going to keep an eye out for other vegetarian and vegan options as we continue on our pie journey.

As always, thank you for reading, and any comments or requests, drop us a note below or send us an email to 🙂

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